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How to Tell Whether You Have Cancer

You can get terrified on learning you have cancer but realizing this early can prevent its spread as well as save your life. You should click down this page to discover more about some widely known cancer warning symptoms.

Loss of appetite is the first sign. Cancer affects metabolism, a thing that can lead to loss of appetite. In addition, specific types of cancer such as stomach, ovarian, colon and pancreatic cancers can put pressure on the stomach, making one to rarely feel hungry.

Unexplained weight loss is the second sign. The other signal that one has cancer is the unexplainable weight loss. Almost every person with cancer experiences weight loss. If you cannot explain why you have lost ten pounds or more, see a doctor. In most cases, the inexplicable and sudden weight loss is due to esophagus, pancreatic, stomach or lung cancer.

Thirdly, there is blood in the stool. You can find blood in your stool due to infections such as sores, ulcers or hemorrhoids. It indicates there is a problem with your GI tract. Blood whose color is bright red could be flowing from one’s intestines or rectum. Darker blood could be coming from a place higher in your GI, for example, your stomach. If you see blood in your stool, get tested.

The fourth symptom is blood in the urine. This signals that you have a problem with your urinary tract. There are numerous conditions explaining why there is blood in urine including kidney stones. Blood in urine can imply kidney or bladder cancer.

The next symptom is excessive fatigue. This does not point to the normal tiredness that affects everybody. You should be alarmed the time you experience too much tiredness that fails to disappear even though you sleep too much and change the level of your activity. If you rest and your exhaustion does not improve, see your doctor.

The other sign is skin change. Changes in one’s skin could mean skin cancer. If there are growths or soles that do not heal or there are changes in your skin coloring, consider seeing a dermatologist. Skin cancer is not only cancer that can display signs through skin changes. Signs that you have cancer include too much itching or hair growth and yellow skin or eyes. If you have a wart, freckle or mole that changes fast in color, shape, size or that loses sharp border, see a doctor.

Finally, you could be feeling a lump. There are some cancers you can feel via your skin. Such cancers occur in the soft tissues like testicles, lymph nodes, and breasts. In case your family members have breast cancer, go for breast cancer genetic testing.

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